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Name: kristinna
Date: 04/06/2015
Message: superb Canadian website for Arabian perfumes with a decent price.

Name: sarrah
Date: 01/03/2015
Message: Lovely website for Arabian Fragrance oils, will recommend it to everyone who in love with perfume

Name: John
Date: 12/12/2014
Message: Great perfumes website with a great price I most certainly recommend this site to all my Friends.

Name: Salima from Edmonton AB
Date: 09/26/2014
Message: Hi I received my shipment.I am in love with this fragrances I will definitely order some more. You have got the best selections.

Name: Walta
Date: 10/07/2012
Message: Greetings Altaf Khanzada I received my fragrant oils today. I want to thank you for it's timely delivery and email notifications, each step towards delivery. I am most happy and will gladly continue business with you in the future. Have a great day and again thank you Sincerely Walta

Name: Myra C
Date: 05/05/2012
Message: Shipping was really quick. That's awesome. The bakhoors I purchased were excellent especially the al buraq. I hope to see more bakhoor selections with the traditional aromas and for this I will be a returning customer. Thanks for this!! I love your website. Will do business again for sure. May your business be blessed!

Name: Charles Brwon
Date: 02/04/2012
Message: Salam alaikom, My dear brother, Dehnal Oud Mukhallat ATR 0007 was so nice inshallah I will be buying from you again soon. Charles.

Name: Bill Dollar, Canada.
Date: 06/05/2011
Message: As-Salaamu alaykum, Greetings Altaf Recieved your shipment today,xcellent timely fashion and in good order. This is yet my favorite order from you Sir.The BARAKAH is by far the very best Al-Haramain product for me,Plz post this on your web site. As the scent develops on the body it becomes smoother, and subtle accents of MUSK and or AMBER and almost wild flowers emerge. Hints of AGARWOOD,AMBER, almost herbal forestry notes,and other nuances speckle the scent profile of this wonderful oil,and give it a completeness which in my opinion leaves you totally satisfied thank you Altaf again. Jazak Allah Khair.

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