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Name: Anonymous - USA
Date: 05/27/2011
Message: Dear Altaf, I received my order of the Al Haramain perfume "Al Buraq" today, several days before I expected it to arrive, so I am very pleased! It arrived nicely packed and emerged from its box perfect. I am impressed by your excellent customer service. The perfume itself is beautiful! The top note is a bright true saffron, which in my experience is rare in perfume, followed by a gorgeous true rose heart note, with a drydown of oudh, amber and musk. While rich, it is not too sweet, so I think it would work for both men and women, as advertised. I look forward to further familiarizing myself with this style of fragrance.

Name: Nichols Sterling
Date: 05/01/2011
Message: Review - Black Bulghari-Al Haramain Black Bulghari has replaced Egyptian Musk as the NEW oil fragrance of the decade! It's that good and has all the tangibles as well intangibles of a cult-like classic scent. The claim might sound lofty but Al-Haramain is on to something with this and it's only a matter of time until alot of people catch on. It has a distinctive sweet-buttery, sugary-powdery, soft-glazy-spicy and somewhat musky scent but it is alarmingly alluring and deceptive making it a one of a kind fragrance. The scents are expertly used and disguised to create a marvelous signature SMOOTH sophisticated sweet scent that is unique. You can almost say there is a dash of brown sugar or a just a pinch of fig or whatever smells familiar to you when you smell it. Like I mentioned before..Black Bulghari is the new Egyptian Musk for 2011 and is awesome. It lingers and comes back and lingers and sticks to you. It is an intense but very relaxing and pleasurable experience. However, the genius of it all is that it is an overwhelmingly neutral scent for those who don't like loud middle eastern smells or too soft smells that fade away. Black Bulghari lingers on and around you, returns and just sticks to you. You could even say when you put it on. it LOVES you. Brilliant Masterpiece. If Al-Haramain were to go public with stocks..make sure you invest in Black Bulghari. It is truly an appreciating asset. Another classic scent by Al Haramain bought to you FIRST by the Wisdom, Craftmanship, and Trendsetting Expertise of Paradiseperfumes. The smell of Black Bulghari reminds you of fine smooth cashmere wool on a warm Morrocan night sipping coffee and tea until the wee hours of the morning. Great for day wear..Majestic at night. powerful after midnight.

Name: Sterling Nichols, USA
Date: 03/17/2011
Message: If it will help you convince others who started in this fragrance maze like myself, it will be a HUGE help. Often, when I search for scents on the internet vendors will list the product but not enough detailed for somebody familiar its not a big deal. However, someone from Bismarck South Dakota who likes Ouds and attars because he smelled them by passing by a middle eastern person on the street it's overwhelming in that he does not know where to start. But your sight is a good reference point on the scents because the selection is focused, there are superior scents and there are descriptions..which is KEY. I would try to be desrciptive as possible on any and every oil on the site. For a business your size you give a more "personal" feel and more specialized. You can really learn. I have looked at other sites like Al Madina Traders, Zahras, Islamic Bookstore, Arabian Bazaar, Attar Bazaar and some have a ton of scents but really lack a good desrciption. Paradise Perfumes is pretty informative. Paradise Perfumes also does a good job in organizing the whole Eastern,Oriental,Attar scents categories and pretty good descriptions for PREMIUM-Quality oils and affordable.

Name: Sterling Nichols
Date: 03/17/2011
Message: Hello, I received the samples. Thanx for the quick turnaround, it took a week so thats great. As for the samples, WOWWWWW, I was blown away at the scents and blends like Amira, Tofha Attar Alharamain, Barakah and Attar Al Buraq. I remember I was about to purchase Attar Al Buraq at Duty Free in Dubai but couldn't purchase it because I didnt buy it within a the time frame before the plane left. But yeah, very powerful CRISP-FRESH-CLEAN scents and Potent blends. These Al Haramain oils are par excellence almost majestic! I will never wear cologne again. I am thinking where I should start off....You have so much of the "right" stuff where other sites you have to sift thru and look at so many items. I think you have narrowed it down to offering the right quality oils. I thank you for that. Wow, I can smell this stuff all day is fascinating learning about the scents. Im wondering how I can learn more.

Name: Bill Dollar - Ontario
Date: 02/16/2011
Message: Hello Altaf....... Recieved my order today in the mail,WOW....two days from B.C. excellent delivery time.Thank you Sir,so much, your perfume oils FABULOUS...OUTSTANDING.... TOP QUALITY.... The REAL deal.... I appreciate your kindess and your personal touch made all the difference in the world,you did not rush me just to make a sale. You are a gentleman Sir,I wil ONLY ORDER FROM PARADISE PERFUMES............ Many thx again Altaf my next order is in the mail............ BILL FROM ONTARIO,CANADA

Name: Diane Verhagen
Date: 02/13/2011
Message: Hello, Thank you for taking care of my order and again, I am sorry being so disorganized. I would like you to know how thrilled I am to have found your website. It was quite by accident that I did. I have been searching for a White Musk Oil that compares to the kind I used back when I was a teenager. Some links led me to paradise Perfumes. I have always been interested in different cultures and anything that is foreign to my area of the world. I am so happy to be able to get some things from such far away places as the middle east and to learn about what kinds of perfumes and oils are used there. That may seem like a small thing to you but to me it is very exciting and exotic. lol It is probably not politically correct, either, since I am from the US, but I don't care - I am interested in all people around the world, their lifestyles, cultures, and the good in everyone - not politics. So, I am very pleased that I can get these perfumed oils from you and I'm sure my sisters and my friends will be soooo jealous! I will make sure to tell them about Thanks again for all of your help. Sincerely, Diane

Name: Ali J
Date: 01/29/2011
Message: I am very pleased with the perfumes I brought from here. They are very high quality, long lasting and they smell amazing. I have been searching for a while for this kind of perfume, as I knew there had to be something out there that is better than the cheaper oils you get for around 5$ a vial. I will definitely buy from here again insha Allah, this is the real stuff.

Name: Karolynka Zeman, USA
Date: 01/24/2011
Message: Hello Altaf, The order arrived Saturday, I am SOOOOOOO happy to have the Night Dreams again; I haven't felt like myself since I ran out!! Of the bakhoors, I really, really like Al Buraq - just as described, "woody" scent. Al Rehab is extremely nice also, though that rose does come through and though I'm not a big fan, as we discussed, the rose isn't overwhelming and it is overall a lovely, complex scent. Thank you so much for the samples!!

Name: aaqil faaruq
Date: 11/28/2010
Message: Nice site, good prices. Lookn fwd 2 ordering soon

Name: Rasheed, Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Date: 09/06/2010
Message: very nice serive from brother Altaf

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